Comic for Thursday, Aug 11, 2011


Posted August 11, 2011 at 1:00 am
- "Baseball", hm?
- Nanase's Mom

It may not be apparent where Grace is going in panel one, and it's not really important, either. Maybe she needs to get something from her locker. Perhaps part of the reason she was so frantic was because she needed to visit the restroom. It doesn't really matter.

Luckily for the more curious among you, I am here to tell you definitively where she went! She went to that one place characters go when they've delivered a plot point or something and need to get off-panel so the other characters can have a discussion in private. It's a wonderful sort of cosmic waiting room with bumper cars, a pool table, all sorts of awesome stuff.

That's the real reason she's running off. She was actually supposed to calmly walk away, but Grace has mad love for the bumper cars.


It is apparently the collective opinion of the Kitsune family that Grace and Tedd are puppies. Or, rather, that at least one of them is a puppy? It gets a bit tricky. It might actually be premature to make such an observation, as Nanase might be the only Kitsune who even knows about Grace.

I concede the point. Further study into the matter of Kitsune family puppy viewpoints regarding Tedd and Grace is required and will begin once the board of directors approves the research grant.