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Posted July 14, 2011 at 1:00 am
- Grace snapping isn't entirely unprecedented...
- In case you missed it, why there weren't Tues/Weds updates

[i]"Dalek Holmes, have you determined who the killer was?"


"Astounding! Who was it?"


You know you want to make that episode, BBC. Hop to it.

For the less nerdy among you, panel four of this comic references Doctor Who, and panel five references Star Trek 4.

For the more nerdy, a confession: I have yet to actually see Star Trek 4. I've seen so many clips and heard so many discussions about it that it feels like I've watched it, but I've yet to actually sit down and do so. I really should sometime, if for no other reason than to figure out once and for all how Susan would feel about it.

Time Travel

I can nitpick the heck out of time travel in comics and movies and... okay, this could turn into a long list. I can nitpick time travel in general.

Whether or not it's actually possible is something I'm not interested in seriously debating because, short of a TARDIS materializing, we're not settling anything. A casual discussion about it could be interesting, but it's been my experience that the sort of people likely to discuss these things are also the sort of people who are prone to getting into heated debates on these subjects (myself included, depending on the topic).

As for time travel in fiction, I felt the need to point out that I don't think it's universally a bad thing. I'm a Doctor Who and Star Trek fan, for goodness sake. The former is almost entirely built around time travel, and the latter sprinkles it about like, well, sprinkles.

That said, I feel time travel in the wrong story or series can really mess things up, and I don't want to give any of the characters in EGS an "undo button". If something happens, it happened. They can do their best to fix it, but they don't get to go backward to do it.

Besides which, EGS already has alternate universes. If I really desperately want to have them to visit a genuine 1970s disco for some reason, I've got that loophole without any of the headaches of causality paradoxes.