Comic for Friday, May 6, 2011


Posted May 6, 2011 at 1:00 am
I was tempted to include little labels in panel four along the lines of "student", "teacher", and "dummies", but I think it's probably better off with just the "..." balloon. Feel free to angrily e-mail me if you disagree.

Sleeper Hold

The sleeper hold is a real thing and, if done correctly, can (relatively) safely knock a person out. The keyword here is "correctly". Done incorrectly, such as by crushing the larynx or doing the hold for too long, can do serious permanent damage and, well, kill. As such, I feel I should note DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

I don't honestly think any of you would, but I'm paranoid and feel better having that warning in the commentary. Oh, and just to be safe, please don't zap people with transformation guns or use magic on people, either. EGS brand transformation guns and wands are sold purely for the purpose of being hung on walls as decor. If you run around zapping people with them that's outside the scope of the EULA and you are totally responsible for whatever happens, so nyeh!

Why so serious (Grace)?

I foresee at least one person (nobody specific) asking why Grace was upset about attacking Dex if "all" she was trying to do was knock him out. Thing is, Grace doesn't have the elite flashlight skills of a security guard. Based on her pose pre-glomp, her knockout methodology was something along the lines "beat Dex until he stops moving". Not even taking into account how guilty Grace felt about something as tame as smacking Ellen upside the head, Dex (as far as Grace knows) wouldn't have good odds of surviving such an assault.

So, yes. I stand by "sad Grace was sad". I also stand by "___ Character was/is ___" lines. They amuse in spite of being horrible.