Comic for Tuesday, Mar 19, 2024


Posted March 19, 2024 at 12:00 am

Canon Cannon- Meeting Rhoda's girlfriend

It's finally happening! And by that, I obviously mean experimenting a bit with Lucy's hair, because I have so much difficulty with showing her face in the past.

But also, yes, the double date with Rhoda and Catalina.


1 - Mini golf can be fun, but as Lucy notes, lots of standing and walking around, and not necessarily chances to sit. Plus, depending on the time of day? Bugs.

2 - There's potentially a lot to see at a mall (at least back in MY DAY, and the in-comic reality), but it's also a bunch of wandering around, seeing things, potentially debating about where to go, getting side-tracked, possibly not paying attention to each other, stuff like that.

3 - I'm not suggesting not being at a table opens up the option to just ditch the date for a while without being rude, but I like having the option to stand and move around a bit without having to make an excuse.

4 - Diane herself can talk about bowling, if you're interested.

Also, she and Lucy accidentally had a double date with Justin and Luke. Mentioned here, elaborated on a few pages later, and brought up again much later during Balance.