Comic for Friday, Sep 14, 2018


Posted September 14, 2018 at 5:52 am

- Earliest interaction with Rhoda
- Nicer to Rhoda (earlier in this storyline)

- Rhoda's "old look" as seen in New And Old Flames
- Rhoda confirmed as Grace's history tutor in the boar storyline

Of all the classes Diane needed help with, of course it was history.

This is a detail that has been planned for AGES, Rhoda having an "old look" being intentional foreshadowing (as opposed to my far more common unintentional foreshadowing).

It feels sort of weird to actually have it finally be addressed, however. I was starting to think there would never be an appropriate storyline in which to address what was up with that.

As far back as I can recall, my plan had always been that, of these three, Rhoda was "the newcomer". I don't know exactly when I decided that, but it's one of those things that feels like "that's how it's always been" even if it wasn't, if you're familiar with that feeling.


I have only BEGUN to reference past comics!

- Concern over being a nerd
- Possibly relevant things said while angry with Charlotte on the way to try and find a missing griffin

It's conceivable you could be the nerdiest nerd who has ever nerded and Diane would not recognize you as such if you also possessed empathy and/or social skills.

Wait, can you be the nerdiest nerd who has ever nerded if you have those? You can be a nerd, sure, but... Wait, what's even the definition of...

I'm too tired to figure this out. Point is, Diane has some particular issue with what she perceives as "nerds".

Well, that, and she cares about social status and wants to be "cool". But there's also the perception thing!


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