Comic for Friday, Aug 24, 2018


Posted August 24, 2018 at 4:02 am

- Stealth Rhoda glomps Justin
- Stealth Rhoda explains
- Susan kills a snake vampire

"I can help your disguise! Seriously, you've no idea all the magic I secretly have. You could have blue hair and be six feet tall right now."

And here we have reason two of at least three for The Legend of Diane being an appropriate title.

Snake Attack

I wanted to reuse that panel of Susan attacking the snake vampire, and I figured that would be my easy break for this comic.

Then I realized that Susan was too far away from the snake for that to really work, so I was like "okay, fine, I'll just edit it a bit. The layering on the original page can't be THAT complicated, can it?"

Guess how complicated the layering was o_o

I exaggerate, really. It wasn't so bad as to be a big problem, but I was nonetheless caught off guard by the poorly labeled layering mess past me had left lying in wait for unsuspecting present day me.


- Thursday Rhoda as Susan sketchbook