Comic for Friday, Jun 22, 2018


Posted June 22, 2018 at 2:05 am
- Energy buildups and only getting spells related to their awakening
- Tedd's theory about why Elliot and Ellen only got certain spells
- Confirmation of Ellen not dealing with energy buildups for a while
- Elliot likely not having energy buildups anymore

- "You owe me better than this!"
- Dragon power!

See, various people asking about it? I didn't forget! I was just waiting for a good segue to get to the spellbooks part. 

I don't recall anyone specifically pointing out the logic in panel three about Ellen and getting spells that reflect who she is, but it wouldn't surprise me if someone had, so I imagine many cookies will be eaten this day.

Anyway, yes, as an awakened magic user, Ellen would 100% have one or more spells associated with something THAT important to her, and that would be true even if she herself was in denial about it.