Comic for Friday, May 18, 2018


Posted May 18, 2018 at 1:00 am
As I originally imagined this (been planning for YEARS), Ellen was going to be a lot more passive about Magus, and a lot more ready to let him go with his safety and freedom being her main concern. It was going to be a bit similar to the “you confuse the hell out of me” situation with Tedd, in which Ellen wouldn’t know how to feel about Magus, and when people showed up, she would encourage his cheesing it*.
* A sophisticated way of saying “running away”
Ellen has informed me that she’s going in a slightly different direction, and I’m too scared to argue with her.
Granted, she’s not wishing harm upon Magus, but “passive” is the opposite of the direction she’s going in regard to Magus.
That’s pretty much a theme with Ellen in this part of the story, as in she refuses to be passive. Sirleck possesses her, and then tries to possess Magus? She ain’t taking that. Some ancient magic uryuom robot going to blow them up? Nah, man, she’s gonna blast ‘em out a window. The guy who orchestrated her creation flying off without even talking to her? She ain’t wishing him fond farewells.
Ellen’s not taking any guff, gosh darn it.