Comic for Monday, Jan 11, 2021


Posted January 11, 2021 at 3:16 am

- "Does my needed glasses right now mean anything?" "Definitely."

"S-see, Diane? Th-this totally is a point in m-my favor. Bam."

This page was originally going to be a Friday comic. While it's true I would've been getting a late start on Thursday due to sleep issues, I still might have been able to complete this page if not for one simple thing:

It was THIS page.

I simply did not have the emotional fortitude required to put this page together on that day. I was exhausted, upset about current events, and I wasn't sure I even wanted to share this page right away if it was going to be this page at the end of that week.

I'd apologize for being a bit of a downer, but this is the commentary for a page in which Tedd tries to retreat into analysis as a coping mechanism for emotional shock. It's not like it was going to be a party down here. 


The left side of Noriko's face (Tedd's mom) was chosen so it would be consistent with being slashed by someone, or something’s, right side.

I didn’t want the scars to look like they were manufactured to make a character look cool, so I determined the location of the claw marks by taking selfies of me moving my hand over my own face (washing my hand before and after, best not to casually touch one’s face around the eyes and nose like that).

No, I have not saved them, I definitely did not look cool in those selfies. Or in general, but ESPECIALLY not in those selfies.