Comic for Monday, Dec 28, 2020


Posted December 28, 2020 at 4:40 am

Annnnd we're back.

Sorry to anyone who say the "to be concluded" message and thought I was referring to the end of the comic as a whole.

I was simply referring to the conclusion of this story arc, which will most likely at least partially involve Tedd's testing the pressure release chopsticks.

I'm betting it'll be pretty chill.

As for how Tedd's spell works, I'm honestly not 100% certain whether I established any of this before? It was always my intent that individual perception would have some impact on the results, but it's not in Tedd's original explanation, and I'm not sure it was actually brought up later, so...

Maybe entirely new addition to canon? Possibly partially new. Panel two basically covers what I'd always had planned, whereas panel three is stuff I decided on more recently.


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