Comic for Friday, Aug 14, 2020


Posted August 14, 2020 at 5:42 am

- Look at looking

- How Diane knows Luke

Luke represents approximately the six thousandth way they could go about this. Seriously, from a tangible consequences standpoint, the potential breaking of that wand only really served to give Tedd and Justin excuses to talk about certain things.

Okay, it not being missing and/or broken would have made confirming Justin's awakening immediate for everyone, but we already know he has.

Sleepy Cartoonist

I confess that it might not have been the best idea to stay up until nearly four in the morning to finish this page. I didn't feel terribly tired, but I clearly was, for I nearly posted this page with enough dialogue balloon errors that they might have started popping.

Half of Tedd's dialogue in panel three? Attributed to Sarah. Sarah's actual dialogue? Attributed to Tedd. Justin's latter bit of dialogue in the second half of the penultimate panel? Attributed to Tedd. Diane's last line? Attributed to Tedd.

Oh, and Justin's dialogue in panel three was attributed to no one, which I guess would imply someone off-panel. Probably Tedd.

On reflection, maybe it was less I was tired, and more Tedd was greedy? In any case, I've heard that adequate tiredness can effectively mimic drunkenness, and I take nearly posting this page in such a state as strong evidence in support of that assertion. I plot to make a point to start correcting my sleep patterns this weekend.


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