Comic for Monday, Aug 17, 2020


Posted August 17, 2020 at 3:06 am

Oh well can't be helped I'm sure you'll never learn anything more about them moving on.

You all buying that?

Yeah you are.

Wacky Sitcom Hijinks

I'm the one who wrote it, so this probably isn't shocking, but I like that Susan isn't abandoning her plan just because Justin's got another plan.

For the record, I almost agree with Justin here, but I'm claiming special circumstances on the basis that Catalina is basically a catgirl even without magic. Susan has SUCH an opening to mention the specific type of magic Catalina is supposed to have.

The situation would be quite different, and Justin much more correct, if Catalina supposedly had rabbit magic or something. "So, ah... Rabbits out of hats, right? Pretty magical. You ever thought about, I dunno... Rabbit magic?"


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