Comic for Friday, Jun 19, 2020


Posted June 19, 2020 at 3:26 am

- The Fate of Magic
- Tedd attacks with MATH!
- Tedd attacks with DRAMA!

In the interest of pacing, Ashley refrained from imagining some wild fantasy involving Tedd and Elliot.

For now, anyway.

The previous comic was originally worded a bit oddly. Diane originally said "you just talked it out of postponing a later disaster" in the second-to-last panel, which I later changed to "you just talked it into allowing a later disaster".

Anyway, as thrilled as I was to sort out where everyone was seated, now begins operation "get people to start moving around because it's super awkward to stage this with Tedd on that bean bag chair".

This will take all of my mental power to accomplish.


- Thursday EGSNP