Comic for Friday, Jun 7, 2019


Posted June 7, 2019 at 5:09 am

- When last we saw Liz

"Like, in some stories, stabbing will do the trick. In others, though, there's all this stuff you've got to do involving garlic and necks, and really, if I meet an actual vampire? I'm not going to want to take chances. Anyway, that's why my car trunk always smells like garlic."

Yeah, you heard right. Ashley's a WRITER!

Which, you know, some of you might've known already, but it hasn't really come up in the main story.

But also, she's an EVIL writer! Sort of! She thinks! Probably because her views on their relative realism have shifted!


I like the vampire example because, yes, there's intentional sensuality to vampire stories going as far back as 1897, and yes, there are a few, shall we say, "questionable" elements to such stories.

Heck, they even have questionable elements after you clean them up so much that they sparkle.