Comic for Monday, Nov 6, 2023


Posted November 6, 2023 at 12:00 am

One more page to go, and then a two week break!

A break from sharing, anyway. I need to spend time planning specifics for the next story arc, but the first three pages are going to be the same no matter what. This gives me a rare opportunity to work a week ahead on story pages, and I intend to take it.


I wanted to show Tedd having learned something, but I ALSO didn't want to give the impression that change was going to be that easy.

As someone who's struggled to keep to a sleep schedule for my entire life in spite of (eventually) understanding the importance of one, I would have offended MYSELF, darn it!

Eye lasers!

No, seriously, they're dealing with magic.

For all Tedd knows, the Will of Magic decided seers need self-defense laser beams.

Tedd should definitely test out her special eyes on inanimate objects, and maybe some plants.

That said, Tedd only thought of potential laser beams later. What happened was enough of an ethical problem without the imminent threat of maybe-lasers.


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