Comic for Saturday, Nov 4, 2023


Posted November 4, 2023 at 12:00 am

Before any fans of literal foxes send a deluge of comments my way, I'm aware that Fox's ears aren't shaded very foxy-like. I experimented a lot with different ways of shading it, but I didn't think the more-foxy results looked very good. Maybe it's because of my style, maybe it's the angle, maybe I just FAILED MISERABLY, I'm not sure.

As such, I just made the ears match the tail (implied orange), and I'm placing all the blame on Nanase. It's her fault those ears aren't shaded more fox-like.

Way to go, NANASE.

Next EGSNP Thursday

The comic after this one will be delayed from Tuesday to Thursday (or was, if you're from the future) because of something that's bad news short term, but very good news long term.

The day I made this comic, writing ideas happened not only for this storyline, but for long-term main story arcs. There was rewriting, brainstorming, plotting, SCHEMING, all very good things for the long term goodness of the comic...

...But NOT so great for getting things done on time. I wound up having to choose delaying the next main story page, or the next EGSNP comic.

I prioritize the main section, that storyline is wrapping up, and I'm doing additional planning on this NP storyline all of a sudden, so delaying the next EGSNP seemed the obvious choice.

So apologies for that, but hopefully yay for the long term stuff?

(Seriously, the things I sorted out are going to get referenced in so many future commentaries once they're not spoilers.)