Comic for Thursday, Nov 2, 2023


Posted November 2, 2023 at 12:00 am

- "There are no points." (Grace talking to the Emissary of Magic)

Once again, I tried to make this less wordy.

I felt I needed to elaborate on why Cheerleadra was applicable, however, and it took me a while to sort out just how the heck to fit that in panel one.

Then panel THREE had less text, but I wasn't satisfied with it. After I wrote something I was satisfied with, it felt a little too dry, so I tossed in the elephant example.

I'm no longer making any promises of brevity of text. I clearly can not keep them. I only promise to try and be as reasonably efficient as I think I can be in context.

About that Elliot...

Given Ashley is suggesting that Elliot has experienced "playful sabotage" multiple times, I felt the need to present a form that hadn't been seen before.

I also felt that, for comedic reasons, it needed to be extreme, and the bar for that, um... That bar's been set pretty high already...

Basically, panel two is the result of basic math, and must be accepted, because math is objective.

So there.

Elliot's height in that image is unchanged from his default form, as by this point, Elliot often chooses to not change height while transforming. That form can reasonably be assumed recent because of this.