Comic for Friday, Oct 6, 2023


Posted October 6, 2023 at 12:00 am

- All black eyes with the space whale

- All black eyes when ranting at a magic mirror

- Previous mention of Lord Tedd in Layers A

- Previous mention of Lord Tedd in Layers B (three pages ago)

This will be super obvious on the next page, but Lord Tedd is not literally there. I attempted to convey this with rounded borders and a faded appearance, but I figured it might be a long weekend if I didn't settle that immediately.

Lord Tedd

I don't have anything for Lord Tedd himself to actually do at the moment.

I have plenty of use, however, for the shadow he casts.

Mentioning Lord Tedd For No Reason Whatsoever

I didn't work backwards from Lord Tedd to get Tedd interested in Quantum Physics.

I was just REALLY LUCKY that uryuom projections naturally reminded me of ideas related to quantum physics, thus providing a natural excuse to bring up multiverse theory, and, by extension, Lord Tedd.

My only other way to naturally bring him up was concern over the glove's appearance, and I really didn't want him to get only one mention before this moment. I wanted this to be a rule of threes dealie.

What Do Your Tedd Eyes See?

I can't accurately convey what exactly Tedd is visually sensing when looking at Elliot, for we do not have Tedd's special eyes. It would make no sense to us.

What I CAN do is give Elliot a glow, and lighten him up a bit, to give the impression of Tedd's modified vision.

So I did. Huzzah.

What Does Your Tedd Gut Feel?

Tedd may be a scientist, but that doesn't entirely mean ignoring their gut feelings, and this is ESPECIALLY true when what they're testing is one of their own physical abilities. If their gut says "hey, do this," there might be something to it.

Or not, but it actually is worth a shot.


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