Comic for Thursday, Oct 5, 2023


Posted October 5, 2023 at 12:00 am

On that day, the towel mages briefly thought they were about to have their moment. Once again, however, it was stolen by the clothes mages.

The clothes mages always looked down on the towel mages, as did everyone else.

The towel mages, however, knew that they, and they alone, would NEVER be without a towel.

EDIT: The comic originally said "white mage" instead of "healer mage." I thought it was pretty common to refer to magic healers as white mages, but responses I got quickly suggested referencing that was needlessly confusing. Below is what I wrote before the edit (it was not reasonably common knowledge):

I'm not sure how many RPGs use "white mage" to mean healer (I know Final Fantasy is one), but hopefully that's reasonably common knowledge.