Comic for Wednesday, Aug 9, 2023


Posted August 9, 2023 at 12:00 am

- The Will of Magic (Moment shown this page. Start of meeting with Magic here.)

- Arthur (Moment shown this page. Start of flashback scene with Arthur.)

- Earlier this storyline

Armed with naught but a single sheet of paper with fun facts about uryuom projections, and introductory videos on quantum physics, Tedd has decided that they're going to figure out something that nobody, not even uryuoms themselves, have managed to figure out.

This can only end well.

Dialogue in the middle row is sort of unchanged, by which I mean there are bits of dialogue omitted in order to focus on the right points, and to not fill up the panels with nothing but text (what's said by the Will of Magic in particular needed to be reduced).


- Tuesday EGSNP