Comic for Friday, Feb 16, 2018


Posted February 16, 2018 at 3:10 am

Note to self: When trying to make points to the Will of Magic, consider relevant spells people have gotten.

Anyway, this is the part in which it takes all of my restraint to keep from hinting at various things.

It is also the part where I laugh maniacally.


Something I find simultaneously interestting and terrifying is the concept of experiencing the world from the perspective of a truly alien, non-human being. Like, a perspective so different that what we consider the basic senses aren't really represented, and yet the world around them can still be perceived and interacted with by other means.

And I'm not talking about something like "they're blind, but they hear extremely well". I mean they get by on other senses entirely that are difficult for us to imagine because we have no way of experiencing them.

We can look at some animals and electronics and get ideas, though. Like, sharks can sense magnetism. I'm not sure how that feels, but I'm sure it's nifty, and it's something we can sort of comprehend and expand upon even if not's something we've experienced.