Comic for Monday, Oct 25, 2021


Posted October 25, 2021 at 1:28 am


Like, a proper flashback. With rounded borders and such.

Which I might regret when it goes on for a bit, but whatever. It will have super extra clarity. Plus, it takes place before the party, so it cannot possibly have normal borders. That would just be inconceivable.


I just wanted to clarify a quick thing after some responses to my citing Extra History in the previous commentary.

I do not think Extra History has comprehensive coverage of any given thing it covers. It is heavily abridged, and presented in a manner intended for entertainment.

There can also be mistakes, which, to their credit, they try to address in their wrap up episodes. They've also more recently been suggesting additional reading.

What I do think Extra History is really good at, however, is providing entertaining introductions to topics, and getting people more interested in history, and I think that's great.

One should just do additional research and double-check things if the information is for anything important.

To be fair, though, history really is messy and complicated, and a lot of it is educated guesses based on limited evidence, and conclusions that can naturally evolve, or change entirely, with time. One may well need multiple sources to sort it out even if those sources don't include YouTube video with stick figures.


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