Comic for Saturday, Oct 23, 2021


Posted October 23, 2021 at 12:00 am

I do not believe this comic NEEDS a punchline. Elliot provided a bit of fun as-is before the third panel.

The reason there isn't one, however, is because I wrote WAY too much for this comic (past me, what were you doing?!), and what would have ended this comic will find its way into the next one.

I do like this without a punchline. It really emphasizes a key point of their discussion, which is whether there's ever a time it's fair to say someone's not a fan.

I also like the "if any" note, because I like that willingness to go into a discussion without already having a conclusion. Like, just in general, I like that. I think discussions are often entered with the mindset of opposing viewpoints, and not "let's figure this stuff out".