Comic for Wednesday, Mar 27, 2024


Posted March 27, 2024 at 3:16 am

- Sam and others arriving with only 5 seconds to spare back in Squirrel Prophet

- Sam not attending tournaments for a while after getting transformation magic

- "The other half (of people playing in the tournament) will barely make it in time."

- "I THINK I know why (Sarah's) not here yet..."

Today's page was going to be this regardless, but I wasn't certain it would be the end of part 4. Then I realized Part 4 had already reached twenty pages, and decided yes, Sarah's arrival was the note to end part 4 on.

As is my super power, I underestimated how difficult this page would be for me because it was only four panels.

It's not a great super power.


- Tuesday EGSNP

- Monday Sketchbook

(Below is now outdated news about computer troubles that explains the gap in dates after this page)

Delay - My relatively ancient computer has started having issues, and is either in need of repair or replacement. Given the "relatively ancient" adjective, I've chosen replacement (though I guess either would result in delays).

This resulted in production interruptions, and I've decided the best option is to, if possible, get a new computer set up and ready to go on Wednesday (as in make that my whole day).

I'm not sure if it will be possible, weather itself might be an issue, but attempting it is the plan.

Update - Current hope is new story comic Monday, might adjust schedule beyond that while adapting to new setup (I have to use new versions of some things I was used to, which dashed my previous hope of Friday.)

I'll be posting public updates in the following places:

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