Comic for Friday, Mar 15, 2024


Posted March 15, 2024 at 12:00 am

Whenever Sarah's not on-panel, people should be asking, "where's Sarah?"

- "I want to hang out more" (Susan to Sarah, "Our Future")

- "I wasn't going to miss TONIGHT!" - Tensaided, earlier

The mysterious reason why Sarah is mysteriously not here yet will be mysteriously revealed whenever the mysterious time comes!

I might have mysteriously overused the word mysteriously.

That's Tedd in the background of panel four. Tedd doesn't have a lot to say or do just right now, but I wanted it to be possible say "oh! There's Tedd."

There's a version of this story arc in which there was a lot more setup, and we would've known before the tournament even started that Tensaided helped with (basically made) Susan's deck. Naturally, we also would've known that Susan was going to show up before Hope did, and a bunch of other things that I look at in retrospect and think "why would I reveal any of these things BEFORE the night of the tournament???"