Comic for Monday, Mar 18, 2024


Posted March 18, 2024 at 12:00 am

Friendly troll Justin is best Justin.

Susan's not a regular player of this game, and is playing it for reasons other than the game itself. Because of that, I knew from the beginning that she would not be the architect of her own deck.

What I wasn't certain of from the beginning was who was going to help her build a deck. I considered both Justin and Tensaided, and one reason I chose Tensaided was to further the friendship of Susan and Tensaided.

As evidenced by Susan not buying Justin's phony dismay for even a second, Susan's affinity levels with Justin are already quite high. Undoubtedly, Susan already has access to his companion perk, and... Wait.

Sorry, I forgot this wasn't Fallout 4 for a second there.

Anyway, given their closeness, I wanted to address why Susan wound up getting help from Tensaided.