Comic for Wednesday, Mar 13, 2024


Posted March 13, 2024 at 12:00 am

- To be fair, her grandfather, Arthur, legitimately doesn't know anything more than she does

I enjoy Jay feeling this certain that Arthur is withholding information, and her being wrong about it.

I considered having Jay have a "she knows Grace?!" reaction, too, but that wouldn't make much sense. From her perspective, EVERYONE knows Grace. Susan knowing Grace is just "yes, and water is wet."


I have hidden a secret George somewhere on this page! Can YOU find him?

(Just to be clear, there's no twist here. He's just in one panel and easy to spot. I know I'm giving the joke away, but I just imagined someone being like "no, no, it can't be that simple! There must be ANOTHER George on this page!" I'd rather avoid that.)