Comic for Monday, Mar 11, 2024


Posted March 11, 2024 at 12:00 am

- The page before Larry is shown Elliot and Susan's show (provides context of Larry calling Sarah a "fake geek" behind her back)

- The actual page of Larry being shown the show by Tensaided

- [Canon EGSNP, July 25, 2023] Larry being a fan of the show 
  (Part of Who is Ellen)

When EGSNP is referenced, I'm going to make a point of labeling it, and including the beginning of whatever storyline the reference is from. Someone reading this for the first time might not have even started EGSNP yet, and that could be a-nice-to-have for them.

(Fair warning, though: the storyline Who is Ellen somehow wound up being 166 comics long.)

A bit

"A bit" in this context refers to a joke, or some acting for the purpose of being funny.

A celebrity at the comic shop

It's actually more specific than Susan being a celebrity at the comic shop.

She is, primarily, a celebrity among the regulars at these tournaments. That's when conversations, sharing of moments, and suggestions to watch, naturally spread.

Getting that specific in the actual comic didn't flow particularly well, however, so this page dares to be slightly inaccurate. A regular customer on a Tuesday might have no idea who Susan is. This inaccuracy will have no impact on the story, however, so hopefully, it can be forgiven, and are those pitchforks???