Comic for Wednesday, Feb 14, 2024


Posted February 14, 2024 at 2:36 am

- "Half the players always show up at the last second"

This was the page where I finally caved and decided we can see SOME of Hope's thoughts.

I don't want there to be any lengthy exposition via her thoughts, or too much in general conveyed that way.

It's just that there are going to be moments later in which if I can't show at least a few of her thoughts, we're going to end up in interpretive dance territory when it comes to trying to convey important information.

How dare I

A fun idea I had for this page that unfortunately did not work was for there to be a few people already present, and for Hope's perception of the atmosphere to be that of a bar full of intimidating people in a Western.

One of the main points of this page is that Hope is actually really early, however, and it just generally works better later if she's the first to arrive.

Maybe I'll have a good reason to do something like the Western bar atmosphere later, but for now, showing an empty shop was better.

Better for the story I'm actually trying to tell, I mean. How DARE I make myself put that panel together.


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