Comic for Friday, Mar 1, 2024


Posted March 1, 2024 at 12:00 am

- I... Am an EXTROVERT!

- (Two pages later) Going to a movie!

There were so, SO many times during Layers (the previous story arc) that I was tempted to reveal that Jay was in one of Grace's friend groups. It was almost one of the notes that Layers ended on.

It was nearly like "oh, Grace is going to hang out with some people," and "OH DANG, there's Jay," and then all of you would've imagined a dramatic sting sound effect, as I know you all regularly do when you read something dramatic.

But I decided to save the "Grace has been spending time with Jay" reveal for when Jay would have an opportunity to do more than, um... Exist. And make dramatic sting sound effects happen.


Camelia is the spikey haired girl who's appeared a few times at Moperville South (first, extra spikey appearance in The Legend of Diane, and here she is again later towards the end (and Jay!)).

She was in the EGSNP storyline, Jestful Statement, in which Grace first shockingly revealed to readers that she was an extrovert (GASP!), and over thirty comics into that storyline, Camelia was first given a name.

Camelia lore isn't super important to this story, but I figured if I didn't cover it, plenty of people would be asking "who that?"


- Thursday EGSNP