Comic for Tuesday, Nov 23, 2021


Posted November 23, 2021 at 1:47 am

This was a late idea I had for a storyline brought about by an opinion of mine, an observation of said opinion, and an already established communication problem Grace has, another character who might have a suggestion that may or may not be presented seriously itself, and something else I realized about the whole situation, and myself.

But hey, let's talk Volleyball!

It was my favorite thing to do in gym class. I wouldn't say I was great at it, but none of us were, and I was successfully adequate at it. I particularly liked to serve the ball in what I thought was an amusing fashion: Just tossing it up in the air, and swatting it over the net with minimal movement.

All things considered, it worked surprisingly well. I don't think I ever learned to serve properly, but hey, gym volleyball. It was fine.

Later, I would play Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball, and my interest was a combination of the visuals, volleyball, and liking tennis video games (which, in video game form, are quite similar. I've liked several Tennis games).

If the game had just been playing Volleyball, I probably would have liked it a lot. Instead, I remember there being weird obstacles just to play the game I wanted to play? You had to go through minigames to convince characters to partner up with you, and it was a whole lot of convoluted nonsense involving gifts, and minigames that distinctly were not volleyball?

Like... Just let me play volleyball, game. You had one job.