Comic for Thursday, Nov 25, 2021


Posted November 25, 2021 at 3:22 am

The next EGSNP will be next Tuesday because of United States holiday nonsense.

And also because this was a very last minute story idea and I want more time to think it through BUT MOSTLY THE EXTERNAL FACTOR THING AND NOT ME!

Anyway, yes, that is Diane. I know some people can't help but mix her up with Sarah, but there are three big reasons this has to be Diane:

1 - Diane and Grace got to a different school than Sarah.

2 - Pointy. Bangs. (Imagine me dropping a microphone, then awkwardly picking it up again upon remembering that this is item two of a three-part list.)

3 - Sarah would NOT go say what Diane says in panel two. Probably. Not in this context, anyway.