Comic for Friday, Feb 11, 2022


Posted February 11, 2022 at 11:55 pm

This comic was delayed for writing reasons. They weren't super complicated writing reasons, but I was tired, and they seemed very complicated at the time to me?

In any case, this is pretty much a very streamlined version of what I'd originally planned. Getting from the original plan to this was a convoluted maze of twists and turns, but editing and story ideas can be like that sometimes.

What's also different is Camelia's name isn't just a note saying "figure out a name". I wound up getting a digital book of baby names so I could search it with magical space wizardry. I wanted her name to have connection to something with sharp or pointy things, like Rose, but not Rose.

I did search for Rose, however, and I found Camelia, which (according to the book) refers to an evergreen tree or shrub with rose-like flowers. I liked it, and here we are. Huzzah.