Comic for Friday, Mar 25, 2022


Posted March 25, 2022 at 3:06 am

- Villain

- Elliot getting introspective

- There are no spoons, er, points

Oh hey, there's one question answered: Elliot does have to change back before redoing their point distribution.

Which I like as a limitation. It's not as simple as "oh, I'll just change it up mid-fight with no trouble". Elliot has to undo the form, then redo it. That's identity reveal, momentary normal strength, and having to use magic to cast it again.

Elliot can do it, sure, but it's not a free action.


I'm not 100% satisfied with this layout, as I can easily imagine text getting read out of order thanks to how I did the Grace tail panels.

That's hindsight from late in production, however, and I really like Grace doing the spikey tail thing while also really not wanting to devote a whole page to it.


- Thursday EGSNP