Comic for Monday, Nov 29, 2021


Posted November 29, 2021 at 4:06 am

- Dream credit and not trusting Arthur

To be fair, neither of them are arborists. They should probably get a consultant.

Arthur tends not to wield traditional wands to use magic. He favors rings that give him spells when he can get away with them. I say "get away with them" because rings can't give someone access to nearly as many spells as traditional wands can, and staffs? Forget about it. A good staff may as well be a whole spell book.

Y'know, if someone bothered to put the spells in there, and the person using it has all those spells memorized. Maybe the spells could be written on the staff? It'd be pretty conspicuous, but hey, that's a lot of versatility.

Also, you can hit people with staffs.

This has gotten a bit tangential. The main point is simply that I like drawing Arthur using his hands to cast spells even though he's a seer.

I mean, the main point is Arthur prefers rings.



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