Comic for Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021


Posted August 11, 2021 at 12:00 am

EDIT - When this comic was first posted, there was a backpack paradox with three backpacks in panel two.


Please do not try this at home. Catalina is a professional disaster. She has years of experience making impulsive decisions that backfire catastrophically.

That said, it actually was sort of impressive.

Sequential Art Vs. Text

I have a love-hate relationship with telling stories in comic form.

On the one hand, this moment is probably better shown visually.

On the other, it took hours to make, takes up an entire page, and is probably less than a minute of in-universe time.

That said, I do like this page! I'm just frequently considering how I can move things along faster both in terms of production and stuff-happening-per-page.


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