Comic for Monday, Aug 9, 2021


Posted August 9, 2021 at 12:00 am

And we're back. For anyone reading this in the future, there was basically time off because my sleep schedule was catastrophically bad and unhealthy, and I couldn't do much about it and post comics at the same time.

Many thanks for the kind words and patience during that time.

My sleep schedule has since improved a lot, but I might need to shift the schedule around to stick to it. I'll be playing things by ear for now, and will of course make announcements if anything happens.

2-B or not 2-B

This is still Part 2 in my mind, but it's the twenty-fifth page of Part 2. That's a lot of pages. As such, this is technically the start of Part 2-B, which is just to make it easier to find specific pages later.

I Didn't Want Catalina To Get Hurt, So I Maximized My Secrecy

Panel two is simply Professor Susan and Student Catalina, though Catalina's uniform isn't particularly recognizable as such. Granted, that's what happens when suit jackets get used for so many things.

Panel three Susan's design visually references Bofuri, a Japanese light novel turned manga turned anime about a girl who plays a Virtual Reality MMORPG, and maximizes her defense because she doesn't want to get hurt.

She becomes absurdly powerful as a result of this, an odd combination of other decisions, and luck. It's a very relaxed, low-stakes story that nonetheless has some pretty intense action sequences.

Anyway, the protagonist uses great shields, I needed to draw Susan with a shield, so now this exists.


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