Comic for Monday, Aug 2, 2021


Posted August 2, 2021 at 2:32 am

Over the years, I've mostly seen other characters get blamed when the subject of Grace getting some much-needed therapy has come up.

To a degree, that's fair. Who the heck is she going to talk to about all the top secret stuff she's gone through without Mr. Verres-er-vention? He's the one to find her someone to talk to.

There has, however, been another obstacle in the way of Grace getting therapy.

It is roughly Grace-shaped.

Also, that second-to-last panel might be my favorite drawing of Grace now.


- Saturday EGSNP


Schedule Announcement

First off, I'm okay. Mostly.

The issue is I haven't been okay, and I haven't been taking care of myself. My sleep schedule is a disaster, I'm regularly going to bed really late, waking up late, and being drowsy throughout the day. My focus is really bad, and I worry I'm going to get myself sick again at this rate.

I was actually planning to not postpone anything and intentionally not get enough sleep on Friday in attempt to fix this, and... Really? That's my solution? Doing something I know isn't good, and assuming it will fix my sleep schedule?

I hate to do this, which is basically why I'm so bad at self care. Some part of me is screaming to just stay up and finish the comic, and that I've seen the sun rise while doing that before.

That is a hard no. The sun doesn't rise to tell you your day is over.

Well, I mean, it might if you're regularly a night owl and that works for you, but it's terrible for me.

A lot for the next story comic is done. I know what the next EGSNP is going to be. I'm going to allow myself to leisurely finish them and fix my sleep schedule. From there, I'm going to sort out how to keep it that way.

I might have trouble with this, so if I fall back into bad habits, please yell at me.