Comic for Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021


Posted August 10, 2021 at 12:15 am

A few people have said they tell Sarah and Diane apart based on attitude and NOT pointiness, so for the record, this is Sarah. She is just sassy Sarah today.

And she's likely going to wear hairbands a lot in the future. That, or Diane's going to start wearing them as I give in to the desire to cause chaos.

Has this ever been a controversial point among players? I know the people making games have liked including such things, but I don't think I've ever heard a player say "I LOVE being locked out of abilities based on moral choices!"

Being locked out of quest rewards can be annoying, too, but let's face it. If you're playing an RPG, NPC A probably has a different reward for you than NPC B, and if you go full chaos and destroy both of them, you might not get ANY reward! Rude.

Expect for this one time, at Fallout 3 camp, where you could help one person, get the reward, then betray them to someone else, get a DIFFERENT reward, then immediately turn on the those guys before they could hurt that guy you betrayed, thereby technically NOT betraying them while still getting both rewards. YAY!