Comic for Monday, Jul 26, 2021


Posted July 26, 2021 at 4:43 am

- "It makes him feel helpless... I've felt the same way."

There are some ways visual mediums like comics have an advantage.

In comic form, I can just show crying child Grace, and have current Grace talk to her. In a novel, I'm not sure how I'd do that. I figure I'd need to start with current Grace, establish that's she imagining herself talking to her younger self, and have her say what she'd say to her younger self.

Like, that works, but there's something about just starting with the visual, and having what's happening implied as it's happening instead of established before.

Granted, I suppose in novel form, I could just describe things as shown, and establish that Grace was imagining it, never having to directly explain what she was imagining, and maybe that could work?

I think I inadvertently just came up with a writing exercise. "How do you describe a character imagining what they'd tell their younger selves without directly saying that's what's happening, but still being clear that that's what's happening?"


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