Comic for Saturday, Jul 24, 2021


Posted July 24, 2021 at 4:41 am

This is me playing BioWare games.

I'm almost universally disappointed when combat happens, I just want to get back to talking to characters. I don't want to manage an inventory, I've no idea how to level up my characters in an optimized fashion, I just want to get back to the talking.

I will go for the lowest difficulty and not care.

Possibly more controversial is that I remember this being less of a thing with me and Mass Effect Andromeda, but that game gave you a jet pack.

That's cheating.

Granted, I also remember really disliking some fights in Andromeda, so it wasn't like it was suddenly spectacular (I vaguely recall a jerk who was really tanky and evasive with some sort of nonsense attack?), and I'm pretty sure I kept it on lowest difficulty there, too.

As for books, I tend to want more breathing room. I'm not looking for constant descriptions of fight scenes and peril.

I'm ALSO not looking for any detailed descriptions of... let's just say "romantic" scenes, though romance isn't actually what I'm referring to, if you can assume my meaning. Diane would probably disagree with me on that much.