Comic for Wednesday, Apr 4, 2018


Posted April 4, 2018 at 4:49 am

- Yes, Elliot can vary the Cheerleadra form

Wait, “w” and "a"? What word could those have been the first two letters of? Assuming it’s a continuation of the previous sentence...
He was going to say “wakka wakka”! A Fozzie Bear reference at a time like this?! KICK HIS ASS, ELLIOT!
Cheerleadra Super Elliot
The design of this Cheerleadra form was intended to be as close to Female Variant #1 (FV1, minimal changes) as Elliot could manage on a split second's notice. As such, there's hints of Elliot's default female form, and he still wound up in a super hero costume, but it noticeably resembles what he was wearing before.
The form was also influenced by his coversation with Magus, resulting in a somewhat bulkier form than FV1 would give him.