Comic for Wednesday, Apr 4, 2018


Posted April 4, 2018 at 1:00 am
Next EGS:NP Monday. Eventually, there will be a double-sized EGS:NP to make up for this
As previously mentioned, I wasn’t going to give the wand this much flexibility, but I was sorting out what exactly I wanted to do with Susan that would be fully in character for her, and started considering it.
Then I thought of the excuse for why it would have this flexibility, and I loved it. It’s silly, and I think it makes sense! You’d absolutely want to be able to break down card effects to their individual components, which would mean being able to just apply individual aspects.
This opens up a LOT of possibilities, but it’s still within some sort of limitation, and I think that’s fun. I enjoy trying to logic my way through such things to get the results I want.
And I probably never would have thought of it if not trying to figure out what to do with Susan, so good work, Susan! You've inadvertently made whatever comes next that much more chaotic!