Comic for Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017


Posted July 26, 2017 at 1:00 am

- First glowing Tedd (Grace confirms it actually happened in the next comic)
- Another glowing Tedd (also confirmed real, this time by another student)

- "Eur-bloody-eka!"

- Tedd examines his own spell in a big, glowing way

- "...On the first try"

So not going to be making wands covertly, then.

I would have preferred Pandora to say "wiggle your fingers" in the first panel, but you can totally describe the specific act of wiggling fingers. She needed to reference something basic and instinctive, and not anything that could truly be taught.

Which is unfortunate, because "wiggle" is a funny word.

Also, yes, I'm aware of breathing exercises, and various niptickery one could employ to say she could technically tell Tedd how to do if one were to completely ignore the context and point being made ;)