Comic for Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017


Posted July 26, 2017 at 10:58 pm

Part of me wishes this comic had more ridiculously complex visuals. Nobody questions lateness if a comic has ridiculously complex visuals. They just look at and say "why, yes, those visuals are ridiculously complex. This delay was quite understandable."

BUT this was, again, more me settling on what should be canon, how to make it clear, whether I want the next comic to keep going on about this spell or have a proper conclusion... Annnnnd we wound up with... Whatever the first panel is, a single image of Ellen, and stick figures.

...I swear writing can be difficult, too...

ANYWAY, please don't take panel one too seriously if you sport any of the same fashion as that spell or drink coffee. Those are all fine if you like them, and if I can't handle your realness, that's my problem.

Next up, the conclusion of Ellen Demo, and after that, Goonmanji 2 (which I'm willing to bet will begin in a manner people won't be expecting...). I am VERY much looking forward to a storyline with a structured story in a non-canon setting. It'll be like a vacation after this storyline :D