Comic for Monday, Apr 24, 2017


Posted April 24, 2017 at 1:01 am

- Detecting / Hiding from other immortals (Third comic in this page of Question Mark comics)

Moving through plot at the speed of sound...

Okay, maybe not that fast, but by EGS standards, we're barreling towards Friday at the speed of a runaway train.

Wait, is a runaway train faster than a... not runaway train? A train doing what it's supposed to do is already fast, and it's still got the driver in control. That said, do I even want the faster train in this instance? It's not like we skipped all of Wednesday or anything. Maybe I want the train that's pretty fast, but not the maximum speed a train might achieve?

It's possible I'm overthinking this.

Tiny New Jerry

New Jerry was originally going to be normal sized in this comic, but I really wanted him and Susan visible in most of the panels together. With Susan sleeping, that was problematic. Then I remembered New Jerry could be any size I wanted on the spirit plane, and every problem was solved forever.

Granted, his not casting a shadow onto Susan's blanket makes this look a bit odd, but that's what would happen, so we all have to just sorta deal with that oddness.