Comic for Wednesday, Apr 12, 2017


Posted April 12, 2017 at 2:12 am

- Plan A and Plan CM (Complicated Mess)

- The real Abner calls Sirleck (Abner relevant to next reference)
- Voltaire posing as Abner calls Sirleck (See?)
- Sirleck reading up on Adrian Raven

- Voltaire shows up in Elliot's basement
- Traumatizing Tedd
- Almost time / Aberration mercenaries (Has recaps for both Sirleck and Magus)

So, yeah. For anyone worried about a lot of things they've been talking about being put off for a future arc, well... It's Wednesday morning.


Anyway, yeah, it's possible Voltaire's a bad guy. Maybe even a little evil? I don't want to jump to conclusions.