Comic for Monday, Apr 24, 2017


Posted April 24, 2017 at 1:01 am

It might well be easy to poke fun at this comic enthusiast for their feeling awkward, but DUDE, I have BEEN THERE.

Me - "Oh hi, clerk working the register. I wish to purchase this potentially embarassing item. Please don't judge me."

Clerk - "I honestly don't care."


Behind the scenes nonsense

My last weekend was partially spent sorting out how exactly I plan to keep this storyline from becoming monotonous (at least to my satisfaction), and I believe I sorted out a solution. Before we get to what I have schemed, however, I want to have at least a few comics with Grace simply messing around with customers and change blindness, and those were written somewhat last minute in spite of some later comics being written beforehand.

Too long, didn't read: I totally wrote some future comics you guys, but then I wanted comics before those comics, and I wrote those before comics pretty late.