Comic for Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017


Posted April 26, 2017 at 2:42 am

"No, seriously, you have no idea. I was actually supposed to be taller with smaller measurements. Also, I know it's difficult to tell in greyscale, but my hair was supposed to be Liz green, not Nanase red. Overall, this has been a disaster."

I nearly gave Grace some furry elements like a tail in pane three, but decided Grace would definitely limit herself to entirely human forms and outfit changes, even in non-canon.

That said, that's a LOT of changes, especially to do that quickly when all clothing changes have to be manual. To be fair, though, she did assign this form / outfit to a 20, and as we all know, 20 is least common result when rolling twenty sided dice. That's just 100% logical FACT.