Comic for Friday, Apr 21, 2017


Posted April 21, 2017 at 1:00 am

And thus was it discovered that the secret to ultra handsome male Grace was shorter, wavy hair.

Also, joke's on Grace. That guy's biclerksual.

I've decided this guy is named Ian, because he sort of reminds me of Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park. That wasn't intentional, and the effect was lessened somewhat after inking and shading and whatnot. Nonetheless, it's rare that I have something to name a character right off the bat like that, so Ian it is.

Tricksy comic

This comic wound up trickier than I'd anticipated simply due to the placement of the characters. I felt it very important that a) Grace be on the left, and b) Grace be behind the counter (because, really, it makes little sense for her not to be), and c) it be possible to show things going on in the background.

There's really only two angles that worked with (a) and (b), and (c) reduced it to only one angle. An angle with an incredibly busy nightmare background of doom.

I tried to work around this in several ways, up to and including rewriting the script so Ian would be on the left. This nearly imploded reality.

Ultimately, I realized that, what with this being non-canon, to heck with the actual layout, just do whatever works. What I've also realized is that I designed the layout of the comic shop around what a real world shop might do, and not what works for the comic. The canon version might also get its layout changed.